Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bath room ideas: How to organize clutter


What is the best way to get clutter free? Think about how many people will use your bathroom and what you need to fit in. A good size storage unit, preferably with one shelf for each family member, encourages tidiness.

How can I keep bathroom surfaces clutter free? Harness the storage potential of walls to keep surface clutter free. Shelves, soap trays and toothbrushes holders can all be wall mounted. If you don’t like the idea of drilling into tiles, try suction cup option.

What if I am short on space? A tall boy is great solution, because it is narrow, occupies minimal floor space and creates lots of vertical storage. Nifty corner units make good use of otherwise unused corners, or go for a wall-mounted cabinet.

How can I refresh my existing storage and get clutter free? Upgrade smaller pieces for an inexpensive update. Try natural woven containers for a coastal theme and add nautical-trim towels.

What’s your favourite storage item? I’m a huge fan of retty glass storage jars stashing away cotton pads and make-up brushes. 

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