Friday, November 2, 2012

The staircase steps decor ideas

The staircase steps decor ideas

If you want to use your imagination in all corners of the house, we offer you here a selection of original ideas for the decoration of steps and stairs. These ideas will help beautify staircase steps if they lose their form over the years and to update their color.

The result will amaze your guests and new decor stairs will be the subject of pride, because their appearance may reflect your taste and personality, sense of humor and the ability to use the most non-trivial approach.

A few years ago, Tracy Sanborn replaced the carpeting on the staircase in her home in Covington, Kentucky, and decorated the risers with a mural of glass tiles, stained-glass components and pieces of filigreed brass. She soon found herself doing custom stair-riser designs for friends and neighbors. "Each one took about six months to complete," she says. Then she envisioned a way to mass-market her idea. The result: One Step Beyond, a business offering wooden trims for stair risers,
which she and her husband. Jay, have been involved in full-time ever since.

What inspired you to put a mosaic on your staircase?

At the rime, I had a business doing faux finishing and murals for walls and floors. So instead of putting down new carpet, which I think is hard to clean, I found a new staircase steps decor ideas and had the stairs refinished and then decorated them. I realized they are a neglected area of interior design that can make a dramatic statement.

How did you translate your custom designs into a mass-produced product line?

Since we wanted to make our staircase steps decor ideas affordable, we needed the designs to
be simpler and easier to install than the custom work I used to do. First, I create patterns on paper, then a special machine turns them into quarter- inch-thick sheets of maple. Customers can cut the sheets to fit their stairs, just as they would do if they purchased wood trim from a local home center. For an additional fee, we can custom-cut panels. We ship the panels raw or prefinished any way you wish, and we can match any wood stain color.

How does your staircase steps decor ideas differ from other ways to enhance the look of a flight of stairs?

You can use paint, faux finishes or stenciling. But nothing will have the richness or dimensionality of carved or cut wood panels. Its really another way to put art in a home. My passion happens to be art, of course. I seem to see everything as a blank canvas and an staircase steps decor ideas opportunity for personal expression.

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