Thursday, December 20, 2012

Decorating with fabric


Quilting is a special kind of patchwork, in which the decorating idea is collected from multicolored patches. Historically has been used a cozy and beautiful fabrics, allowing to fill home decor in very unusual and bright handmade colors.

But why not try to combine different areas of the home decor and to take the risk of mixing styles, techniques, and textures. Lets say, try to create an unified, harmonious composition of water colors and threads. I wanted to decor an old chest of drawers with  quilting fabric.

Buy using pieces of quilting fabrics, ribbons and buttons residues for decorating furniture, you can create a very cute commode with an ironing board.

You can store all kinds of stuff Inside the drawers: tools, thread, ribbon, lace, various cords and ropes, beads, studs, buttons, and other trappings, and the top panel to use for ironing.

I used an old wooden commode with height of 70 cm. First I primed the surface, covered it with paint, then craquelure 
and varnish. Added an ornament dealts with conventional plaster on wood.

Originally I had an idea to make an ironing table, but after the idea got an unusual shape and form I changed my mind.
 Because an ironing board here has a small sizes 65x30 cm, I desided to use it for ironing small patches of fabrics.
The top ironin board made out of the ordinary wooden shelves, covered with synthetic padding, fleece and beautiful cloth.
 Mounted on the back of the loop. This patchwork allows you to use all the drawers of the commode.

Front and side panels are decorated with bits of fabric, lace, and buttons. The interior surfaces of drawers decorated 
with fabric too.

Handles just painted with a different colors (watercolor).
All painted surfaces are varnished, so our furniture decor is not afraid of water.
It seems with this an ironing chest of drawers interior decor will became not only practical, but also comforting, 
don't you think?

Chest of drawers in my modest interior:

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