Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bead craft ideas

Craft project ideas

Here is a wonderful bead craft idea. How about to make a grapevine? 

Start our bead craft project with a more complex detail - with the grape bunch.
Pour beads on cloth and threading it on the wire and do not cut it off from the roll.
For one grape you will need wire about 11-12 cm long.

And the grape is ready, just twist the wire tails to get a single stem.
The estimated size of one grape is about 2.5 cm. 

When all the beads from our bead craft project will be ready we come to the fun part, - put it all together, so you will have a real grapevine. 

 Bead craft ideas

Assembly of the bead grapevine craft project was like this: 
1. Wrapped brown copper over the thin wire you used for making our grapes, so it looked like the stem.
2. Then screw grapes and leaves to this wire the way you wish so it is looks like a grapevine to you.
3. Fasten the vine to the branch or trunk with the help of copper wire.
4. Secure the beads vine branch or trunk in the flower pot with gypsum and cover it with the moss or other material.

We hope that it will give you some great bead craft project ideas! 

Here are some other bead craft ideas for you:

Craft project ideas

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