Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ideas for kids crafts

Kids craft ideas

Fairy gnome kids craft 

Lets make fun kids craft project. How about fairy gnome? You can tell some great gnome stories while you are making this craft project with your child. So, we give you a fun kids craft ideas!

We will need for our fairy felting gnome kids craft project:

- Fabric for the gnome body and hood (I have fleece and jersey)

- Wool felting (white for the beard and pink for nose) + Felting needle 

- Filler foam 

- Scissors, needle, thread the color of the base fabric, pins ...

Make gnome nose:

Kids craft ideas. Now, its time for the gnome beard:

Make the hood for our gnome:

How to make a gnome

Felting patterns: Gnome

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