Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mug warmer

Mug cozies warmer

Keep coffee drinks hot with a simply made mug warmer.

For this mug warmer uon will need:

1 Small-checked fabric ■ 2oz cotton batting   Tacking thread
Pink sewing thread ■ Matching thread ■ 2 fasteners for each cosy mug warmer

How to make mug warmer 

1 Measure the height of your mug, then measure the circumfence around the mug to the handle. Cut two pieces of fabric and one piece of batting to these measurements plus 25cm all round.

2 Pin the batting to the wrong side of one piece of fabric and baste diagonally at regular intervals in one direction. Repeat on the opposite direction.

3 Fill the spool and thread the sewing machine with pink sewing thread and work running stitch along the lines of the checks in one direction, and then in theother. Finish of and remove basting.

4 Now for our mug warmer do this. Right sides facing and matching raw edges, place the unquited fabric on top of the qulted fabric and stitch around the two long sides and one short side taking a
2,5cm seam.Trim the batting back to the seam lines, trim seam allowances, clip comers and turn through. Turn under the raw edges, press and slip stitch the opening closed.

5 Wrap the mug warmer cover around your mug to determine the position of the fasteners. Stitch in place using pink sewing thread and clip the cozy mug warmer around your mug,

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