Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wheat pillows

Heating pad homemade

Heat pad wheat cushion pillow

Snuggle up for a snooze and wake up refreshed with this heating pad homemade hand-quilted wheat cushion: you can even warm it up in the microwave.

For this heating homemade wheat pillow pad you will need

  •  0.5m main patterned fabric 
  •  2oz cotton batting 
  •  Tacking thread
  • Wheat heat pad, around 40cm by 35cm  
  • Pink embroidery thread 
  • Matching thread

Heating pad homemade

NOTE: This cushion cover fits a 40.5cm by 35.5 cm heat pad and has an envelope opening. Adjust the measurements if your heating pad is a different size.

1 Cut two 100cm by 50cm rectangles; one in main patterned fabric and one in batting. Matching raw edges all round, pin the batting to the back of the fabric. Baste the batting to the fabric diagonally in one direction at 10cm intervals, then repeat in the opposite direction.

2 Then do this for your wheat pillow. Thread an embroidery needle with pink embroidery thread. Neatly hand-work running stitches around prominent areas of the fabric design and finish off at the back.

3 Fold under 2cm then 3cm along the two short edges and hem. For heating pad homemade place quilted fabric face up, then bring the two short hemmed edges together ard place one edge over the
other to create a central 10cm overlap for the homemade heating pad.

4 Taking 25cm seams, stitch the two long edges.Trim the seam allowances and trim the batting back to the seam line. Turn heating pad homemade through, press and rnert wheat pad.
Remember to remove the cover before heating the pad in a microwave.

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