Wednesday, February 6, 2013

10 Valentine gift ideas

Valentine gift ideas

Tue feelings must be cared for and greatly protected, as this Valentine gift idea of glass dome - fragile Valentine heart. All you need to create for this nice and easy Valentine composition - a light bulb, wire and wooden block.

Valentine gift ideas: pendants

To make this Valentine gifts of pendants you can use any improvised material. Pieces of fabric, construction paper, buttons, wool yarn all can be used to make such a nice and easy Valentine gifts. Pendant figures also can be very diverse. Be creative and add your fantasies to life of Valentine gift ideas!

Valentine gift ideas: pillows

All you need to make these romantic Valentine gift pillows are a pillows and a few dozen of red  buttons or velvet paper.

Valentine gift ideas: candles

This very tender and touching declaration of love feelings in this Valentine gift ideas as hot and bright as the light of the candles. Take the wire, colored paper and scissors that is all what you need to make this jewelry Valentine gift.

Valentine gift ideas: Quilling pendant

Paper Quilling is a technique that can be used as a unique Valentine pendant that can be made by applying the simple art of practice. To make paper in a spiral twist is simple, but the result can be simply stunning!

Valentine gift ideas: velvet paper and tea bags 

Use similar velvet paper and tea bags and a romantic Valentine mood is guaranteed! What a nice and easy Valentine gift idea!

Valentine gift ideas: plastic heart

Hard to believe that to make this fluffy, exciting Valentine heart took only garbage bags or this Valentine heart can be made from the  store bags as well!

Valentine gift ideas: yarn hearts

To make this Valentine hearts all you need is conventional wire braid in the shape of a heart and tight yarn. The result will be stunning!

Valentine gift ideas: decorated  fabric small pads

For this Valentine gift sew fabric small pads and fill them with a sachet of your choice. Tie your Valentine gift with ribbon bow and the gift is ready!

Valentine gift ideas: Knitted mag vest

Knitted vest fits perfectly this Valentine mag!

We hope you will like our easy Valentine gift ideas and will use it for this Valentine! 

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