Thursday, February 7, 2013

Country style living room decor

Country Sophisticate home decor

Quaint details and a pretty palette lend relaxed elegance to this room

Country style ideas

When redecorating a living room in a country style, it's templing to place your attention primarily
on the furniture—what style to choose, where to buy it, how to arrange it. But the bones of the country style living room—the walls, windows and floors—really set the stage for the country style  ambience you'll create. Walls are blank canvases, providing wonderful opportunity for color and pattern; windows offer an open invitation to get creative with fabrics, shapes and textures; and floors can be instrumental in tying the whole room together. Here, warm, bright walls, colorful window treatments, and a bold-patterned rug bring an otherwise simple living room to life with a
spirit of country elegance. The opposite page offers a sampling of products to give a similar polished, yet relaxed air of your own. Hope you can use this country style living room decor ideas!


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