Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pastel Spring Decor

Spring decor

Pastels can look beautiful in interiors. Soft and calming home decorating ideas reflect the light, which makes a room lighter and brighter. Pastel spring decor also more playful than standard neutrals. But beware - if pastels are overused for the home decorating ideas, they can make a room look just a little too Barbara Cartland.

The Scandinavians work pastels in cleverly by restricting their use for home decor and mixing them with lots of white. This helps make colors like baby blue and ballerina pink feel modern and light.
Or here is another home decorating idea: you could add an accent or two of bold color for depth. For example, pastel cushions and vases can look stunning in an all-white room mixed in with a hint of raspberry. Pastels can also team with neutral walls decor, but this combination works best with
light neutrals - no mid or dark taupes.

Be mindful that pastels always look feminine and overly girly home interiors can make some feel uncomfortable. You can get around this by choosing soft, grey-based (or dirty) pastels, such
as a washed-looking mauve or dove grey. These are a little more forgiving than clean pastels like lemon or baby blue and can also be surprisingly sophisticated.

Beautiful pastel spring decorating ideas!


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