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Hallway decorating ideas and entryway decor

Hallway decorating ideas

Entryway decor is very important as it sets the tone for whole house, so try our and hallway decorating ideas to create beautiful hallway entry.

hallway decorating ideas, entryway decor

Entryway decor: Walls

1) Provide a repository for keys, mail, gloves and pocketbooks. The classic hallway stand keeps everything neat as well as offers a spot to sit.

2) Lacquer the walls in a windowless entryway for a beguiling glow. Or, shadow-stripe the walls—alternate
matte and glossy stripes of the same paint color—to lend a subtle style. Use bright colors in a dark lover to lighten the look or darker ones to give a more intimate feel to a cavernous space.

3) Hang Shaker pegs along one wall to corral everyday coats and prevent a jumbled mess. Shelves can hold
baskets of gloves, scarves and outdoor paraphernalia.

4) Make an impact. Pattern a foyer's walls with stunning wallpaper. Splurging on decadent silk or hand-
blocked wallpapers can be feasible if the entryway or hallway is small.

hallway decorating ideas, entryway decor

5) Define the space with molding to give it more formality and integrate it info the architectural style of the
interior. Try adding a chair rail and painting the section of wall below it a deeper tone of the color used for the section above.

6) Create a mini-gallery for the entryway decor. Mount picture rails along the walls for a changing display of artwork. Homogeneous frames add harmony; a few empty frames lend an element of surprise.

7) Strike a playful note with stylized wall decals.They are easy to work with and come in a wide variety of designs. Choose for your hallway decorating ideas from modern interpretations of Victorian vines to birds in flight. Or, use stencils to spell out a family motto, names, initials or a favorite quote.

8) Hang a large mirror on the wall to reflect light from the doorway and to provide a "prmipiring' area for those coming in or setting out.

9) Build a banquette along one wall for the entryway decor. Store outdoor gear or seasonal items in the base. A cushioned top makes the perfect scat for putting on boots or changing shoes.

hallway decorating ideas, entryway decor

Hallway decorating ideas: Floors

10) Tile the floor tor practicality. It's a very forgiving surface for high-traffic areas. Since these areas are often small, it's an easy project to tackle yourself And being able to quickly clean up dirty foot or paw prints reduces stress on hosts and visitors alike.

11) Lay down a welcome mat at the entryway. Whether it's a seasonal image, monogrammed or basic coir mat, make sure to provide a place where guests can wipe the outdoor grit and grime off their shoes. First impressions are important. Replace worn or dirty mats regularly. Or, design and paint your own custom mat on primed canvas from an art supply store. When done, fold under and press the edges and secure with fabric glue. Be sure to apply several coats of polyurethane to protect the surface from wear.

12) Lead the way in with a painted runner. Continue the design entryway decor up die stairs or down a hall to integrate the public and private areas of the home. Alternatively, a striking Oriental or kilim runner adds an exotic flavor.
hallway decorating ideas, entryway decor

13) Inlay a floor medallion. The pineapple, a traditional symbol of hospitality, is only one of many available
designs. Or, use wood border inlays to create the effect of a hallway in an otherwise undefined area.

14) Take advantage of dramatic proportions. In a foyer with a high ceiling, let a stunning chandelier create
a glittering welcome.

15) Round up wet or muddy boots on a tray set inside the front door. Attractive copper boot trays (some are designed to fit into a corner) take up little room, yet protect wooden floors during inclement weather.

16) Paint a bold black-and-white checkerboard pattern in the entryway. The classic pattern adds a touch of elegance to a casual space, while using a painted effect, rather than tile or stone, keeps the ambience more relaxed.

Entryway decor: Windows & Doors

17) Add privacy without losing a key source of natural light. Install frosted-glass etched with an eye-catching
design. Decorative window film comes in many styles and it's easy to cut, peel and adhere. Its also easy to remove, making it an especially nice option for rented spaces.

18) Update an old or dented storm/screen door combination with a new, more energy-efficient—and more

hallway decorating ideas, entryway decor

19) Soften the look of an oversize Palladian window. Drape soft fabric from its peak, gathering it in loops
along the sides of die window.

20) Mount draperies on crane rods behind a windowed entry door. Adjust die rod to provide appropriate amounts of light and privacy.

21) Don't overwhelm a small entryway with fussy curtains, Use Roman shades for a simple, yet sophisticated
window treatment.

22) Dress up die front door with seasonal embellishments. Use floral swags or wreaths to celebrate spring, the fall harvest or winter holidays.

23) Parade a series of real or faux topiaries in a hall window. They will bring a lively touch of the outdoors to
the indoor space.

24) Position an hourglass curtain in the windowed area of a front door for the  entryway decor.

hallway decorating ideas, entryway decor

25) Treat the front stoop or porch as if it were a room. Flower arrangements or potted plants, a bench, a charming door knocker and the glow of a pair of sconces seen from the curb can make visitors feel welcome before they even reach the door.

26) Paint the front hallway door an engaging color, such as a rich red or bright blue, but be sure it  complements its surroundings.

hallway decorating ideas, entryway decor


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