Monday, December 9, 2013

Easy home decor projects: Acorn pin cushions

Easy home decor projects: Acorn pin cushions 

If you are thinking of some easy home decor projects and you like acorn shape, try to make this one. There is something very appealing about the shape of an acorn and these little pin cushions make a useful addition to a sewing basket. Alternatively, stuff them with lavender and attach ribbons to make scented sachets that can be hung in wardrobes to deter moths or on door handles for a decorative touch.

acorn pin cushions

These easy home decor projects need very little filling, so for a natural - and free - option, look out for sheep's wool that's been caught on briars and hedges. Wash it in warm soapy water and leave to dry before use.

paper templates
tailors' chalk or water-soluble sewing pen
two or three autumn colours of wool.
felt or blanket material
sheep's wool or toy stuffing
needle and thread

1 Lay the paper templates for the two acorn pieces onto your fabric and chalk around them to mark a sewing line. Allow an extra l cm on all sides and cut them out. Cut a strip in a toning fabric for the cup and
also some leaves in a contrasting color.

2 Place the two acorn shapes right sides together and machine- or hand-sew around the U-shape edge. Leave the bottom open and turn the right way out.

3 For the cup. place the short edges together, right sides facing, and stitch alone the seam.

4 Turn the cup the right way out. then sew along the bottom edge to make a drawstring. Pull it tight and tie the ends together to form the base.

fabric acorn

5 Fill the top and bottom sections with wool, packed tightly into position.

6 Fit the two sections together, placing the acorn just inside the cup before sewing all the way round. Make sure it has sufficient stuffing before adding the final stitches.

7 Sew the leaves to the base of the acorn and attach a ribbon, if you wish.

We hope that you love our fabric acorn pin cushions easy home decor projects!

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