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Home decorating ideas with greenery and moss

Greenery home decorating ideas

Home decorating ideas with greenery and moss

Create warm and beautiful home decorating peaces from our simple, fun and lovely decorating ideas just using grenery and moss.

Home decorating ideas: Moss door decoration

A natural take on the classic wreath and really quick to make.

Moss door decoration

Florist's wire
Prostrate rosemary,
or similar
Larch twig (with cones)
Garden twine
Decorative mini bells (try Handmade by Hells)

1 To form the base of ihe door wieath use a doublo length of florist's wire to create a ring of aiound 20cm in diameter Leave a single length of excess wne at the top for hanging the wieath. Use pliers to trim the wire if necessary.

2 Starting at the top of the wroath, uso short piocos of florist's wiro to secure lengths of rosemary all around the frame. Check for any gaps and add more rosemary as required.

3 Cut a 30cm-long strip of hesslan, around 3cm wide, and tiim off the ends diagonally. Fold across the top of the frame.

4 Cut the larch twig to roughly the diameter of the ring and use wire to attach it centrally at tho top of the frame through tho hessian strip.

5 Cut a 40cm length of garden twine and tie in a bow at the centre of the twig. Tie a decorative bell on to each end of the twine.

6 Hang up the wreath using the excess wire, tnmmlng if necessary.

Home decorating ideas: Candlebox display

This h ome decorating idea will be lovely for a buffet table or mantelpiece display.

Home decorating ideas: Candlebox display

Rectangular wooden planter
Potting compost
Hyacinth bulbs
4 white candles
Garlic bulbs
Pearl-headed pins and/or beads (try Rays Florist or Beads Direct)
Garden twine

1 Fill the planter, with compost and pot up your hyacinth bulbs (if the bulbs are not yet in leaf
add markers to show their positions).

2 Push the candles into the soil at equal intervals along the planter. Make sure they are pushed
deep enough to have a firm footing.

3 Place garlic bulbs at regular intervals botween the candles and the bulbs Push a few pearl-
headed pins into the soil for extra sparkle. Remove bulb markers if you have used thorn.

4 Cut a strip of hessian to fit around the planterplus 2cm overlap and to half its height. Wrap
around the planter and hold in place with a pin.
Secure with a double length of garden twine, tie and trim. Remove the pin.

5 Water sparingly but often to keep the soil just moist. Don't leave burning candles unattended.

Home decorating ideas: Place-name gift boxes

Instead of crackers, place these little gifts for guests on the table, using our home decorating ideas.

Home decorating ideas: Place-name gift boxes

Selection of miniature gift boxes (try Homecrafts Direct)
Brown paper
Garden twine
Music notation paper (try Gifted Musician)
Box sprigs
A4 paper
Pearl-headed pins (try Rays Florist)

1 Wrap the boxes in brown paper. Tie a length of garden twine vertically and horizontally around each and trim.

2 Cut strips of music notation paper and slip in place centrally under the twine. Push sprigs of box diagonally
under the twine. 

3 Cut two paper flags for each present, one slightly smaller than the other, and write a guest's name on
one. Place a name flag on top of a blank flag and fix together using a pearl-headed pin of our home decorating ideas.

4 Push a pin carefully through the twine on the front of each to finish.

Home decorating ideas: Napkin wraps

Use natural materials and add a touch of sparkle with beads from our home decorating ideas.

Home decorating ideas: Napkin wraps

Yew sprigs
Garden twine
Jewellery wire and pearl beads (try HobbyCraft)

1 Cut four or five sprigs of yew for each napkin wrap.

2 Fold a napkin into a rough fan shape that tapeis to a point at the bottom.
Place the yew sprigs on top.

3 Hold the sprigs and napkin in place with one hand and secure by wrapping with garden twine. 
Tie in place at the back of the napkin, trim and tuck the ends under the loops of twine.

4 Cut a 20cm length of jewellery wire and fix a loop at one end. Thread on a pearl bead and push 
virtually to the end. Twist the wire either side oi the bead to hold it in place. Keep threading on the
beads and twisting in this way until the wire is full. Straighten out the loop then wrap the beaded wire in place around the twine, tucking the ends securely away between the strands of twine.

5 Repeat our home decorating idea for natural napkin wrap to make as many napkin wraps as required.

Home decorating ideas: Moss trees

Line a shelf with a ttio of potted 'topiary', trimmed with baker's twine.

Home decorating ideas: Moss trees

3 terracotta pots
Potting compost
3 sturdy garden twigs (to use as 'trunks')
3 florist's dry foam cones (try Foam Monster)
Mossing pins
Dry Finland moss (try The Essentials Company)
Red and white baker's twine (try TruNet)

1 Fill a terracotta pot with compost (make sure that the pots are large enough to support the cones, and deep enough to accommodate the twig 'trunks'). Gently push a twig centrally into the base of one cone until it feels liko it can adequately hold the weight. Then push the other end of the twig deep into the compost (for a firm footing it may help to dampen the compost first).

2 Working from the top and spiraling round to the base, use mossing pins at regular intervals to secure the moss over the surface of the cone, leaving strands to hang below the base. Check no foam or pins are visible. Cut a short length of baker's twine and tie around the top of the cone in a bow.

3 Repeat to create two more moss trees and display, equally spaced, along a shelf.

Home decorating ideas: moss balls

Hanging baubles moss balls

Combine yew, moss and hessian for a hanging decoration display.

Home decorating ideas: Moss balls

Yew sprigs Finland moss (try The Florist's wire Essentials Company)
Florist's dry foam spheres Hessian
in different sizes Garden twine (try HobbyCraft) Decorative mini bells
Mossing pins (try Handmade by Hells)

1 Cut the yew sprigs to just over half the height of your sphere and split
them into two even groups. Take each group and secure together at one
end using florist's wire.

2 Fan out each bunch and secure at opposite 'poles' of the sphere using
mossing pins. Tease out the sprigs until as much of the foam is covered as
possible. Fill any gaps with extra cuttings of yew and secure in place.

3 To use moss rather than yew, secure in place all over with mossing pins.
Check that no foam or pins are visible and fill any gaps as necessary.

4 Cut two wide bands of hessian. wrap each around the sphere and tie
together at the base, allowing the excess to hang down loose.

5 Cut two lengths of garden twine and tie the first over the hessian knot at
the base of the sphere. Knot a decorative bell on to each end of the twine.
Slip the second length of twine under the hessian at the top
of the sphere and use to hang the bauble.

Home decorating ideas: Hand-tied greenery bouquet

Create a pretty posy of flowers and foliage for a fresh festive display, using our home decorating idea.

Home decorating ideas: Hand-tied greenery bouquet

Florist's wire
Garlic bulbs
Pine cones
Pine or yew sprigs
Selection of white flowers, such as tulips, anemones and hyacinths

1 Cut 20cm lengths of florist's wire and secure around the tops of the garlic bulbs
and between and around the lower tiers of the pine cones. Repeat to wue separate
sprigs of pine or yew.

2 Cut a selection of flowers, keeping the stems as long as possible.

3 Begin to assemble the bouquet, starting with a wired cone in the centre then
building around it with a succession of flowers, garlic bulbs and wired pine or
yew, laying each flower or wire diagonally across its neighbour. Hold the bouquet in
one hand while adding the individual pieces with the other, gradually working
the bunch so that the stems and wires rotate slightly at the centre point.

4 Secure the stems and wire by binding with raffia (not too tightly: the flowers
must be able to take up water), then trim the stems with scissors and the wire with
pliers so that they are all the same length and the finish is neat and even. Place in
a wide-necked vase filled with water. 

Present decorations

Personalise gilts by adding a few little extras, such as cones, foliage and hessian.

home decorating ideas

Plain wrapping paper
Garden twine
Florist's wire
Music notation paper (try Gifted Musician)
Trimmings such as dried apple slices, larch
twigs with cones, box sprigs, candy canes,
cinnamon sticks, lace and ribbon scraps

1 Wrap your presents in plain wrapping paper.

2 Tie a length of garden twine vertically and horizontally around each present, and trim.

3 Decorate the presents with a strip of hessian and/or a torn strip of music notation paper slipped
under the twine, or try scraps of ribbon or lace, then add the trimming of your choice. To add a dried
apple slice, bend a short piece of florist's wire into a 'U' shape and push the two ends through the
apple slice and out the back, then attach where the twine crosses on the front of the present. Or tuck
a cinnamon stick, a larch twig, a sprig of box or a candy cane under the twine and secure in place
with a short length of twine tied in a bow.

Moss cake centrepiece

Make this fun table decoration from a circle of florist's foam decorated with freshly picked hellebores.

home decorating ideas

Circle of green florist's foam, (try The Essentials Company)
around 30cm diameter or cut to fit   Hellebore flowers (with stems)
your cake stand (try HobbyCraft)     Florist's wire
Glass cake stand Pearl-headed pins and beads (try Mossing pins Rays Florist or Beads Direct)
Garden moss or dry Finland moss Hessian

1 Because you are using fresh flowers, you will need green, soakable florist's
foam. Before using, allow the foam to float in a bucket of water. Once the top
of the foam is level with the surface of the water, remove and allow to drain.

2 Place your foam centrally on the cake stand and, using mossing pins to
secure as you go. layer the moss around the edge and over the top of the
foam. Check for any visible foam or pins and add more moss as necessary.

3 Trim the stems on the hellebore flowers to about half the depth of the foam.
Cut a short length of florist's wire and carefully coil around the stem, working
from the base of the flower head down to the cut end. Leave a little excess
wire and trim with pliers. Repeat until you have wired all the flower steams.

4 Gently push the wired stems of each flower into the foam until the flower
heads are flush with the surface of the foam.

5 Push a few pearl-headed pins into the moss base in a random pattern and
then scatter a small handful of pearl beads over the flower heads.

6 Tie a length of hessian around the edge of the 'cake', securing the ends
with a pearl-headed pin. Spray the flower heads with water regularly.

Enjoy our simple, fun and creative home decorating ideas with greenery and moss.

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