Thursday, January 30, 2014

Home Decorating Ideas from designer

Home decorating ideas

Check out very helpful home decorating ideas from designer Antonia Stewart.


"You should always spend on the actual building itself, trying to create as near perfect a canvas as possible. If you are happy with the actual space of the building then the decorating can come over time. A home will naturally evolve and will reflect current trends and the changing tastes of the owners, undoubtedly [containing] items from their travels, even new books, artwork or photographs.

Thinking of home decorating ideas use lots of less expensive fabric and then accessories with more expensive items. For example, a feature wall could be done in an expensive wall covering, with the rest of the walls being done in a paint. Or cushions covered in expensive fabrics could be put on sofas covered in cottons or linens.

Fabrics with embellishments, such as beads, hand embroidery or metal threads, can often look more
expensive than a plain version. To update a bedroom decor you could buy new bed linen. You could paint the back of a bookcase a different color to the shelves: dark colors for a study; fun colors for children's bedrooms.

decorating style

Here are another home decorating ideas. Lighting is very important for me and can make or break the atmosphere of a room. For the evening I would always have lighting only from table lamps, standard lamps or picture lights, preferably on a dimmer so that the light can be controlled. Downlights and pendant lights are fine for general lighting but too bright for an evening setting.

For a country-kitchen look, Neptune is a rapidly growing company that has some fabulous products at
competitive prices. By purchasing their standard unit modules you can create your own bespoke kitchen at
o fraction of the price of other kitchen companies. It really is a great idea. They also do lots of other painted
furniture which is also very smart and not too expensive."

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