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Create authentic country style with stone slabs or tiles by choosing right flooring. Although expensive, stone flooring will last a lifetime if property sealed and cared for. Fit underfloor heating for extra warmth.

Much-loved limestone, sometimes has visible fossilised shells and comes in finishes from polished to honed; brushed to tumbled. Its cousin travertine has a pitted, rustic effect though the pits can be filled before delivery.

Ask to see a sealed flooring sample as sealing affects the color and look of the stone.

Granite is tough and hardwiring and comes in smart glossy black and speckled greys.
Slate is a good option for a rustic kitchen and is often riven (split naturally along its grain) for an uneven effect. It comes in rust tones as well as black, blues, greens and greys.
Marble flooring works well in a black and white chequerboard design.

Reclaimed flagstones flooring can create a grand entrance, having a patina that's due to years of wear. Or try Cassical Flagstones for replica f agstones made from prints of original fags.

That were our simple flooring tips and ideas to choose for your home.

flooring tips and ideas

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