Friday, February 7, 2014

How to choose granite kitchen counters

Granite kitchen counters

Granite kitchen counters take any kitchen from drab to fab, but with a price tag of $50 to $100 per square foot installed, they're a pricey upgrade. Get your granite kitchen counters and stay within budget with these pointers.

granite kitchen counters

■ Take your measurements. Granite is sold by the square foot, so a counter that is 2 feet deep and 9 feet long will require 18 square feet, plus the amount needed for edging or a backsplash. To make price comparisons easy, map out the surfaces you want to cover in your kitchen and determine the square footage before you start shopping.

■ Go straight to the source. Bypass kitchen stores and home centers. Instead, shop directly at a granite yard to snag a better price per square foot. Just keep in mind that hiring a fabricator to install the granite can significantly raise the overall price. For a clear comparison, look for a granite yard that offers fabrication as part of their services.

■ Skip the frills. Save money by choosing a standard granite kitchen counters edge. Fancy edge details add a hefty price (starting at $30 per linear foot). Or do without the edge altogether by asking a carpenter to add wood edging after the granite kitchen counters is installed.

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I am also admired of these granite marble stone and this is exactly good for us to import from china.

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