Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood floor tips and tricks 


 Hardwood gives a rich and sophisticated warmth to your home. The quality and long lengths of Superior Flooring hardwood gives each room a distinctive and stunning look. The quality of your hardwood floor is the key for longevity and maintaining its beauty. Superior Flooring's investment in higher grades of lumber means fewer knots, blemishes and discolourations. The finishing process is a water based colouring system for better wood penetration that involves a hot air/infrared drying and a nine coat finish which creates a durable and aesthetically appealing finish with low maintenance. 

Long lengths of hardwood are extremely popular and in demand now. Superior Flooring prides itself for providing the longest boards in the industry. Longer boards mean less joints or places where your wood connects which means a nicer, smoother looking floor with a more uniform, custom look and feel.

Hardwood decor

 Colour and texture along with the grain is the key to choosing the right hardwood floor to suit your own unique decor style and lifestyle for your family. Superior has over 150 options including eight species of woods in natural and stained colours with each species having its own distinctive colour palette to choose from. Board widths come in 2 A", 2 V", 3 3 Vi" and 4 lA" with many of the species available in all four widths and in low gloss or semi gloss finish.

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