Friday, October 26, 2012

Christmas ideas for party


Champagne party decorations

It is fall outside the window ... someone has beautiful and golden autumn, and someone sad and rainy. But no matter what the weather is outside, right now, in the fall, all needlewomen begin to prepare for the Christmas and New Year eve. We begin to premeditate gift options and their design, buy all the necessary materials.

I also can not stay away and would like to offer you a  New Year eve party decorations version of the gift bottle design.

You will need:

* Bottle of champagne (or whatever you want to give)
* Corrugated paper (I use a floral, it is a bit denser than normal)
* Candy (preferably with a "tail")
* Glue Gun
* Any kind of Christmas decorations that you have (I use cones white gold color, small plastic balls, ribbons, green transparent paper, plastic bell and beads, ribbon "artificial Christmas tree," etc.)

When the base is ready, proceed to the preparation of decorative details:
Cut into squares (about 6 cm x 6 cm) the transparent green paper, fall a few times in the center and fasten with hot glue.
Cut into small pieces  paper strips  and add to the loops (loops can be made single or bunches of 3-4 loops at once.)
Spread all the decorative details, pick up elements of the future composition of the shape and color.

Check whether all is securely in place, if there are no voids - if necessary corrects the composition by adding the necessary details.

That's it! Your beautiful and delicious New Year eve party decorations gift is ready!

Create with pleasure and good mood, and then everything you do will bring people happiness and joy!

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