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How to decorate stairway:

Here are some easy Christmas decorating ideas for stairway design inside of your house.
Measure the length of the Christmas garland you would like to make using a piece of string or ribbon.
Remember if you want it to festoon gently you will need to take this into account. (If the finished length of the Christmas stairway garland is over 2m, divide it into several shorter, more manageable lengths to make it easier to hang.) I make light Christmas stairways garlands on ribbon, but if you are going to include lots of heavy items then a fine rope (washing line) would be better. Cut the ribbon to garland length, allowing an extra 20cm at each end for hanging the Christmas stairway garland. Attach a reef of wire to the ribbon (or rope) 20cm from the end. Bind it tightly to secure it.
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