Friday, February 1, 2013

Easter decorating ideas

Easter decorating ideas

Make this cheap and easy Easter decorating project using a classic Easter candy


  • Green flower foam (8" cube, $8.99)
  • Newspaper
  • Serrated kitchen knife 416" x 5" green mini-flowerpot (we used #3-169MT/l-BT from B&J Florist Supply, $3.95; 212-564-6086)
  • 11" dowel
  • Green paint (we used a sample pint of Benjamin Moore Pear Green 2028-40, $6.49;)
  • 1/2" paintbrush
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks 6" plastic embroidery hoop (we used Susan Bates Hoop-La embroidery hoop, $3.49)
  • 3 packages of 5-count yellow chick Peeps marshmallow candies
  • Green decorative Easter grass

Easter decorating ideas

1 Place the foam on a newspaper-covered surface and cut out a 3" x 4" x 3" rectangular piece using
the kitchen knife. Place the piece widthwise into the flowerpot so it fits snugly and the foam isn't visible over the top edge.

2 On the same surface, paint the dowel green. Let dry. Apply a generous amount of hot glue to the top of the dowel and secure it to the screw at the opening of the embroidery hoop. Let dry.

3 Remove Peeps from the packaging but do not separate. Apply a thick line of hot glue to 1/3 of the front side of the embroidery ring. Gently press one group of five Peeps Easter candy onto the glue with beaks facing the center of the circle, slightly bending them to cover the ring. Let Easter candy dry. Repeat with the other two Easter candy groups.

4 Stick the bottom part of the dowel into the center of the foam so that the stem stands upright. Cover the top of the pot with green Easter grass. If desired, lightly mist the Peeps flower with a craft sealer to preserve it. 

Alison Gootee

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