Friday, February 1, 2013

Home decorating ideas

Home decorating ideas

Brighten your room with this fresh and easy home decorating ideas.

Spruce Up a Sink home decorating ideas

A utility sink is by nature useful, but rarely a focal home decorating point. Add visual interest by
embellishing the wall behind it. Fresh white headboard paneling adds home decorating charm and
protects the wall in a high- use area from nicks and dings. Have the panels precut at a home store, then attach them with paneling adhesive to furring strips nailed to the wall and nail them to the
studs. Add a simple wooden shelf above the sink and hang small, colorful vintage prints to finish the look. Voila!— what a great home decorating ideas - you've transformed a utilitarian space into
something special.

Flower power home decorating ideas

This daisy-bedecked wreath uses home decorating complementary colors—sunny yellow, bright white and a touch of blue in the ribbon—to brighten a neutral wall. Cut the stems from your favorite faux flowers, then use a hot-glue gun to attach the heads to a plain grapevine wreath. Get creative on this home decorating ideas when arranging flowers of various sizes or colors. A
too-structured arrangement will spoil the wild flower effect. For the finishing touch on this home decorating ideas, tie a ribbon around the top of the wreath and hang it wherever your home needs a touch of cheer.

Clean Up Your Act

Laundry rooms have a knack for attracting clutter, but it's easy to keep yours in perfect order with this clever storage system home decorating ideas. A simple shelf keeps cleaning supplies organized; painting the shelf and the wall above it the same color creates a unique trompe l'oeil effect. For an adorable way to secure laundry soaps, use glue or a staple gun to attach metal fencing used for edging flower beds in this home decorating ideas. Hooks attached to the bottom of the shelf provide a home for buckets filled with cleaning supplies—a great alternative to lugging bottles around the house.

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