Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shabby chic & crafty crafts ideas

Shabby chic ideas

Crafty crafts jewellery frame

Shabby chic & crafty crafts ideas

I love my collections of earrings and bracelets, and like to have them on show. This shabby chic jewellery frame is a nice decorating idea which has pockets folded into the material that provide a pretty way to store - and display - each item.

Here, I have used vintage shabby chic floral fabric but any patterned material will work, as long as it's not too thick.

frame with a solid back that can either stand or be hung
fabric just over twice the length of. and 10cm wider than, your frame
scissors and pins
sewing machine
double-sided sticky tape or fabric glue
needle and thread

Crafty crafts ideas:

Shabby chic & crafty crafts ideas
1 Cut your fabric to size, then turn over a narrow hem on all sides. Iron flat, pin in place and sew, removing the pins as you go.

2 For the pockets. lay the material out, right side facing up. Pleat, leaving sufficient distance between the top edge and the first pouch so it will fit inside your frame, and bearing in mind the size of the items you want to store - you could make some pouches deeper than others to hold bigger things. Use your ruler as a guide.

3 Iron the pockets flat and pin in place at the sides. Using running stitch, sew down each edge of the fabric to secure the folds, then go from top to bottom at intervals across your material, to form individual pouches.
Remove the pins as you go and press again.

Shabby chic & crafty crafts ideas
4 To display in your frame, attach a few strips of double-sided sticky tape to the solid back panel, peel off the backing paper, then place onto the wrong side of your fabric. Smooth the cloth down, ensuring it is
secured. Reposition until you are happy.

5 Fold the overhanging edges of material over the back of the frame, top and bottom first, then the sides, and hand-sew the corners together to create a neat finish.

6 Put the pocket panel into the frame and fix the back in place with the clips. 

Choose plainer fabrics if you're making this for a man - the design is ideal for cufflinks and watches.

Crafty crafts Cut-out pictures

Cut shapes from wallpaper, music scores or old maps, drawing designs on the reverse before snipping, and use plain or pretty paper for the background.

shabby chic ideas, crafty crafts

card or wallpaper
scissors and pencil
paper shapes
double-sided pads
box frame, with or without glass

Shabby chic ideas

1 Cut a piece of thick card or wallpaper to fit inside your frame. Arrange your cut-out paper shapes on top. leaving a sufficient border so your design fits within the frame.

shabby chic ideas, crafty crafts

2 Mark a small cross on the paper under the centre of each shape and place one or two double-sided sticky pads on top. Fold each shape to give it depth, then peel off the backing cover from the sticky pads and position your shapes on top.

shabby chic ideas, crafty crafts

3 Put your artwork inside the frame and secure the back with the clips provided. 

Enjoy these great shabby chic and crafty crafts ideas!

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